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insertmessagehere.com fish
Insert the dialog into comics for good or evil
and send them to friends instantly. Rate dialog
created by others.

sand castle
The Sandcastlizer
The sand castle simulator. Create a sand castle
or other sculpture just as one would on the
beach, but without those pesky tides.

Pixell: Java FPS
A Java-based first-person shooter where
you must destroy evil pixels in a dark cave
with lightning.

mandelbrot fractal
Fractal Applets
Applets to easily view or create images
from the Mandelbrot set, "Buddhabrot" set,
or Iterated Function System fractals.

ludum dare
The LudumDare Page
The Quorq LudumDare Page, with some LD
infomation and tips, as well as downloadable
entries from previous competitions.

Make Good Video Look Bad
Guides to stylizing video using Adobe
Premiere, to make it look as if it was recorded
on webcam, broadcast over antenna, etc.